My life as a product


I had an interesting day today. It was cold and crispy and I headed bravely towards a life changing experience. I talked, thought, examined and looked at my motives before I had this profound experience and having seen that I had examined every aspect and felt comfortable with the decision, I headed to the hairdresser and had a meter of length cut off my hair.

I have to confess that I have emerged triumphant. (Thank God) . Nothing worse than coming out wishing I had not taken quite such a bold step. But it is good. Why did I not do it before?
Because I was not ready.

So I am not chic and no longer witchy. An interesting change, I must say.
I went to a man that used to cut my hair ten years ago (the last time I cut it). His salon is in Bond Street and the walk down South Molton Street was a trip. I went into Browns. Nice. I saw a bag I liked and asked the price. £3500. Yehaa! Really.

So now I move into my life with every single person that knows me commenting on how I look. Such fun. But it has been really a trip to look at how much I had invested in the look on so many levels. Spiritually, emotionally, motherly, age-wise and on and on. Telling people that I was doing it was great fun, too. Such mixed reactions and responses, all of them negative.