Back in the saddle 2.


Like a sequel to a film, I am back in the saddle again, again. Life whirls past with it’s tongue hanging out. Even Isadora said how quickly time went past yesterday. Is it really speeding up? It looks so calm and still right now, covered in snow. One cannot imagine anything happening quickly out there. But it will melt into grubby slush, pushed to the side of the road to make way for the speed of life again.

The whole point is to get to a place of being “fine” whatever is going on. I know this, but can I do it? Ha! No where near yet. Take yesterday, for example. Lots of yoga and pranayama, laughing with the children in the morning, then to work and the pressure builds, and builds, and builds up. So much to do, so little time, silly niggly problems that leap in the way, and by 5pm I am lightly frazzled. In tears, in fact. Where is the calm yogic self? I got a lot done, certainly, but as I lay there, falling asleep, I was thinking about how I will die. I know, I know, but these thoughts do not bother me, and I decided that at this rate it will be a heart attack. That is not my chosen route back, so I better do some more meditation. Although as I considered the whole thing further I thought that my vegetarian diet is not conducive to a heart attack….no cholesterol, or very little, any way.

I ramble therefore I will yoga.