Smokey Coconut Dhal…


This is a glorious change to the usual onions, garlic and ginger trinity that we usually eat which can be said to be Northern Indian.

The dhal is flavored with coconut and curry leaves.

For 4.

250 grms washed split moong dhal in a pan with 3” of water on top, a heaped teaspoon of turmeric, 5 good sized slices of ginger, a dessert spoon of ghee. Bring to the boil, scoop off the foam and simmer till soft.

Fry shredded cabbage in onions, ghee, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, teaspoon of cumin seeds, heaped teaspoon of turmeric,1 tin of chopped tomato, salt to taste and a cup of water till transparent and season to taste, throw in a handful of finely chopped coriander.

Put a 250 gm jug of brown Basmati rice to cook with a little salt in a 1-2 ratio with water.

Meanwhile, lay a beautiful table, source your pitta bread, yoghurt and chutneys.

In a small frying pan heat a tablespoon of ghee, add a dessert spoon of mustard seeds, a teaspoon of chipotle chile flakes Cool Chile Company do a small tin so delicious all you will ever want to do is to find recipes to use them with…. this is my 2nd recipe today! ) 15 dried or fresh curry leaves and gently simmer the ghee to release the flavours. Turn the heat right down and add 3 cups of dessicated coconut. Stir to coat in the ghee and gently toast to increase the flavour.

Add a tin of chopped tomatoes to the dhal and simmer for 5 more minutes, stirring frequently to avoid sticking. Add the coconut and stir, season to taste with salt and again, a large handful of chopped coriander.

Serve with the rice, warm pitta, fresh yoghurt, cabbage curry and chutneys. Absolute heaven…..


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