Jet lag and other wonderful things


Actually there is a certain implied irony in the title of this log.
I am very jet lagged. I fell asleep last night at a delightful 9.30pm and woke at 10pm as though I had just had a sweet nap. I lay in bed, thinking of nothing, just tossing and sighing until 3am when I slept for an hour and then got up at 4am to work.

I feel OK, just I want to fall over with tiredness. Oh, golly gee, I remember the days when sleepless nights were fuelled into oblivion by various illegal substances. Now they are fuelled into a hard and sharp reality by two small children, the internet, the mobile phone and responsibility.

I have been hoping to be propelled back into 1970. Not for the fashion, or the haircuts, but to see what London was like, and to have a taste of life without credit cards, mobile phones, computers and ipods. I think it would be so wild if we all had to line up in the bank and relate to each other. I suppose wandering around in the ever-so-busy, but oh-so-isolated New York has set me thinking about how far we have moved from interaction with each other.

The other wonderful irony in this weblog is printers. I am not sure if I hate printers, the machines, not the people, or they hate me. I thought, for a while, that I had bad printer karma. Having mentioned this to a few people I am not so sure it is personal any more. It is an extension of the fourth great lie.

I can hear you asking, what are the first three, let alone the fourth?
1. The cheque is in the post.
2. I will only put it in a little way, Darling.
3. I promise I won’t ==== in your =====. (too rude).
4. Anyone can take a great picture.

Printers now seem to be that taken even further. I have 5 printers now wilting in my office. Three of which were expensive and took a lot of ink, phone calls, emails, tears, swearing and stress and still did not perform as promised. The fourth one never ever worked, but came from Amazon where you can never contact anyone so can never return anything. The latest baby is temperamental and likes to print random full colour pages just to make sure I run out of the unfindable ink as quickly as possible.

Such fun.

So the answer is, and it happens to be one of the 5 sutras for the Aquarian Age, is not to take it personally.

So, what with my ex friend in New York and bad printer karma, I am getting a lot of practice at not taking it personally.