The last day here


I am finalising my tasks here. As usual I have come with a list of things to do and only really looked at the list earlier this morning. Luckily I have done it all or today would have felt a trifle pressured.

The charming and highly amusing Malik was to have joined me at a dinner last night but he cried off with a headache. I had thought only faint hearted women did that, but in India it is all the rage. This left me to the mercies of two extremely determined Gin drinkers. Needless to say the evening turned rather blue, in the truly emotional sense of the word, and I was gagging to leave.

I finally mastered the spirit in my room and slept well for the first time since arriving. I woke at 4 to find that I had bitten my lip so hard it was bleeding. It must have been due to all that I did not say during dinner. Enough said. I do recognise that one has to be so careful. Well, I do. I never really know who will read the weblog, and they do, they do. My sister has not spoken to me since I made an indiscrete one liner, so the pen must be curbed.

Otherwise all is good. My shipment home contains ten skulls, 2 hands and some knives. It was the funniest list from Malik and left the rather charming Italian gentleman, who had bowed so sweetly over my hand, looking somewhat astounded.
The skulls are momento mire; reminders of death. The hands are the new signs for the shop and the iare ordered Kirpan. Fab.

Am I really going to be able to sell 10 skulls….. they may well become the children’s heirlooms. I think there may be a lot of heirlooms. But I have arrived at the clothing factory today to find them all wreathed in smiles and all seems to be fine. We shall see when and how it all arrives……..