Interesting moments


Interesting moments

There was one today; I pulled the brown paper off the shop windows. It was a big moment. No more hiding behind anything. Now we are there, for all to see, opening tomorrow. Truthfully it is not really exactly perfect, but it will do. It will more than do, and it looks good. A very lovely space.

So I am now a shopkeeper. A retailer. I have entered a world not entirely dissimilar to the strange new world that one enters as a new mother. It is equally expensive to take part, stressful, life changing and all new. And like motherhood, there are lots of other people all doing it too. They are all charming, smiling, friendly and really supportive. Meeting the other local shopkeepers has been quite surprising. Not that all people aren’t charming and interesting at some point, but the compassion and generosity of spirit from other retailers in the area has been wonderful.

I am vastly looking forward to the whole thing. I know I am knee deep already, but actually open is a whole new deal. There are so many clothes it is quite a surprise. I was not conscious of how much we had. It is great to be so well stocked right away, so it looks whole and ready, not little drifts of things, but abundant and organised by colour.

I wish the whole project lots of luck and abundance and dedicate it all to Yogi Bhajan and Guru Ram Dass.