Nearly There Pt 2


Another full day at the shop and it is starting to look sensible. I think…
We have put out rails of clothes, loaded jewellery cabinets, put up the beginnings of a changing room and suddenly there is a shop. Truthfully it is really hard work. Not an instant thing. The shows are sort of bish, bash, bosh and it is done. This is much more intense and calculated. Calculated is a tricky and not much used word. I use it here because it all needs so much thought, where each thing should go, what makes an impact, what will sell, what needs to sell, what is too valuable to leave out etc.

I have thoroughly resisted the full responsability of it all for far too long, but now I am comfortable with being in charge. I wanted someone else to say “do this, put it here, make it like this, open on this day”, but no one else can. It is only me. A lonely place, but Baptiste, Deirdre and Anna have been fabulous. Finally we will open on Tuesday next week. No sign, no awning, no painted exterior. But hey. It is a start. And absolutely the right thing to be doing. I feel it in my bones.