A state of high excitement


My head is busy. Very busy. It seems that we may get the shop we put in anoffer for yesterday. It is not confirmed, but…..
I wait, with zero pateince and my head is leaping and bounding all over the place. Dreams are vivid and I am tense. It is a huge shift onto another track in life.
I am projecting huge sucess, a vibrant shop, great staff and all of it being marvellous. I will keep you informed as to how well I have nailed my projections into the stream of life.

The Secret would be good to finish now. Perhaps that should be my next task before lunch…. That and an article, lots of paperwork and cooking. The dilemma of what to do next.

Otherwise I love this weather. I love the cold and crispy mornings. I was quite taken by surprise with the cold today and suddenly felt the buzz of change coming. For me, the joy of living in England is the change of season. It is not a subtle thing. Yesterday we were under a tree in the wind and the sound of the roaring leaves, all dry and rattling in the wind, was a magnificent thing. It was a spectacular moment when I felt really pulled into now, winter starting, the cold, wrapping up and needing to eat warming food.

That and the smell of cordite at night. it is hard to tell if it is gunfire or fireworks at the moment. They go off all night. But this morning all of Camberwell was closed. I suppose it was gunfire, not firworks….. Getting to school was fun, and getting back even more diverting. But I consoled myself with the colours of the trees in Dulwich. Very lovely.