It is finished and it was fun


This applies both to Chriatmas and to the shop. We moved out on Christmas Eve. Four hours of solid labour. People still coming in to buy even though it was all laid on the floor, which was encouraging, but it was a great sucess. I learned lots and we sold well.
The General Public are an interesting group when out alone. Sometimes very rude, other times totally charming. Occaisionally very amusing, other times really interesting. We had a full mixture of all the different types and I enjoyed them all. I go towards the new shop much more positive, and still somewhat dazed by how well the clothes sell.
I am gaining increasing confidence from this reality and am looking forward to the whole designing expreince later this week.

Christmas was great. We had a good day. There was the perfect amount of presents, all of which have been given a run-through and played with thoroughly. The sitting room floor looks awful, but that is OK. We had a modest but delicious lunch and relaxed into card games in the afternoon.
I feel as though I have found a formula for an acceptable Christmas Experience. The number of presents, the food eaten, the course of the day. I want to write it down and put it somewhere safe, but of course I will not find it again…… Maybe it was a one-off.

I have managed to bite my tongue for the last few weeks at all the Christmas trees everywhere, and we will not be here to see them leaning, exhausted, against lamposts and dustbins all over London. I am grateful that a family event was not included in the experience and know that this lack went a long way towards the total pleasure of the whole thing. We did not have to sit on the edge of the meat frenzy and eat quiche.

So now begins the fun of packing for India.