We are in


We are now the proud owners of a long lease on a shop. How great.
We went there yesterday, to collect the keys and to take measurements. It has always been full of builders and builders things, up to now, so it was great to see it clean, painted and empty. Very exciting.
Now the fun starts.
I refused to think about it during the noght yesterday. In fact it was not such a great battle as it has been over the last few nights. I think that now it is done it have become softer and easier. It was the build-up to that reality that was giving me the jitters. I got lots done yesterday afternoon. Telephone. I don’t know what I did, but BT answered after two rings and it was a human. I was rather startled and took a few moments to gather my thoughts. They did a credit check on me there and then. Rather an uncomfortable wait. From there, or whilst on the phone to BT, I found carpet for the office and tiles for the shop. I have a painter doing a quote and we already have most of the fittings. So it is good.

My husband woke me from a great dream this morning. I was flirting with John Travolta. If I was going to flirt with anyone, it would be him, by the way, but to be woken so cruelly…. Actually John had just told me that he loved his wife. So, hey, you win some, etc, but it would have been too complicated with the shop as well.

My Indian drawer is filling up rapidly. I cannot remember if Indian plugs are flat or round. Advice, please. We are all taking the homeopathic remedies for typhoid etc. We have our visas, car is booked.
Just have to get through Chrismas.
I never celebrated Christmas until having children. I do sometimes wish I could presuade them to pass it up, too. But I know I would be mean and horrid if I did so. We have to move out of the shop on Christmas Eve. We will be four of us, so it should not take too long, but still, I am not enthralled by this reality. One more person would make it a breeze. At the moment it is a windy experience.

I had to walk most of the way back from Chelsea yesterday. I really enjoyed the walk. I love the cold, especially when being brisk. It was crispy and foggy and perfect. We had a great Kirtan session and all sang carols as well as mantra. The children were, as usual, fabulous. It is a great thing, a Kirtan session in the house. It makes everyone feel elevated and gives a good energy around the building.