Settling down or is it up?


I do like the changes to my life. I notice that sometimes my negative mind kicks in and I want to be a victim of my choices; lack of sleep, lots of stress, too busy, missing the kids, but truthfully it is a pleasure. I am enjoying myself and it is going well.
I now want someone to invest in us having a shop in Belgravia. This is my newest want. How will I get it? Maybe I will just see if the Universe decides that I need it. patience was never my thing, but I am learning that there is a Divine order. I know it, I have been told so many times, but now I really can see it all the time.
So I will wait and see.

Easter holidays have been good. I have recently discovered Selfridges. Why not before? I suppose I have always avoided “places like that” but now, with so little free time, it is a joy to go shopping at 6pm in the west end in a beautiful store crammed with things I like. Also greatly helped by the fact the the “fifties retro thing” that Peter Jones has done, where IKEA meets expensive really does not do it for me Big Time. I have found a new store. For a while, when I was thinner it used to be Harvey Nichols. I remember my very charming Bank Manager calling me personally and asking me not to spend so much there. Sweet.

So Selfridges is my new best friend. And since they have men’s socks in wool and wild colours, my husband has adopted them too. Since Monsoon went cute Isadora cannot wear it so she likes it too as they have Catimini and Louis found trousers with Skulls on. The entire family is converted. Oh joy.