Self Control


I am recovering from a weekend of really hard work. I am worn out by the effort. New post-it note saying “must get fit” needs to be pinned to the first place I see everyday. Would that be the fridge? How depressing.

There is something about 5 weeks with the children. I love them. I adore them. They are fab and great, but I have peaked on three meals a day and 24 hour a day company. Mean and horrid, I know. But I returned from the two days with my parents feeling knackered and grumpy. I don’t actually think it was totally the children. I think it was a combination of all sorts of things iced by having to spend the whole two days photographing the new winter collection and in between, eat all sorts of things that have made me wish I had even a modicum of self-control.

Now that Autumn approaches I am going to see how it is to be without carbohydrates and eat mostly raw. I don’t know how easy it will actually be, but I am going to go ahead. I felt so much better, on the whole, and now that a lot of stress has fallen away I think the long-term prospects are good.

I am appalled by how badly I respond to stress. I have come away form the weekend wishing I was unflapped by daily experiences, good and bad, but I am sure that that could also lead to being extremely flat and boring. I have been thinking again of what Yogi Bhajan said: “The only difference between you and me is that I totally accept myself”. I think it is so true and such a great perception of the differing experiences that we all have of our reality based entirely on our self-acceptance.