Scrambled eggs on glass


The Vitality Show was far better than I had expected, and in the end I did not really mind 5 days of Olympia nearly as much as I had thought I would. So I have emerged Triumphant. Phew, basically. It is so easy to feel down trodden and overwhelmed in the face of huge corporations who can splat money everywhere, and they do, they do. Muller Rice gave away 120,000 pots of goo over the show. Lovely.

In the meantime, the clocks changed and I am not up to speed at all. I am dangling along behind, wishing that I could somehow catch up. I am sure it will happen, but I am in the shop, longing for a nap.

It took so long to get out of the show last night as we were on the 1st floor and there was only one lift, I lay under my beautiful coat and slept between filling trolleys up with boxes, rails, lights and tills. Lying there. Semi awake, exhausted, up on a balcony listening to all the banging and clattering, it was wonderfully surreal. Driving home after was not such fun, and at 10pm, when I finally sat down, my daughter wanted all her hair cut off and did not see why she should wait. Why not? So I did it. She now has a pretty bob and the Puli, the dog with dreadlocks, has the longest hair in the house. Little by little we are all now joining the ranks of Normal Hair. It is such a relief. I can honestly say I love my hair now and I hated it for years. The children would inadvertently sit on it, the dogs would lie on it, it would get trapped in the car door and hooked around chairs. Funny, what we put ourselves through. (How to shrug on weblog is an art I have yet to master.)

The title of this piece is an expression that we developed over the show. You get such a vast range of people at theses monster events. It is amazing to see the wide are the varieties that we come in, us humans, and there are always a few that are not too well wrapped. When confronted by a person with frayed edges, one has to be like a sheet of glass with the scrambled eggs that the visitor has become, sliding off the glass. It really does work. In my mind I am saying to myself, “be like glass, be like glass.” And I am unaffected by the succubus. We had a few last night, released into the show from God only know where. At one point there was a gaggle in the stand and we just stood back and let then tie themselves in tight little knots, whilst mentally repeating the mantra and soon they moved on. With nothing to attach to, there was really no point staying.