Apocalyptic messages


I am writing an article for a magazine and it has brought up some interesting thoughts.
I have been thinking about all the dire warnings we live with now, all the time. There is always a subtle undercurrent of fear that courses through everyday processes. It has always been there: the cold war, the nuclear threat, SARS, Bird Flu, the London Smog, earlier there was the plague, comets, and now we have endless terror struck into our hearts by thoughts of no more oil, no more water, no more clean air, Osama Bin Ladin, climate change, the ozone hole, suicide bombers and all the rest.

Nothing has changed; there is always something to dread and to fear.

It is a subtle form of control; to make you scared all the time. If you are endlessly scared, then you don’t really look at what is going on, or what you are doing. Spending money is an easy way to allay fears. New products project into the future whilst they are still in their wrappings. They hold endless promise that all will be OK, that the future exists, because they were made for it.

The moment you get them home and open the shiny wrapper they are old. Their value has dropped, there is a better one just behind you and all the pain and fear returns, goading us, me, you into going back out there and doing a boring job to earn enough money to be fooled again.

Mean and nasty trickery, all this fear. I don’t like it any more. I think we should start thinking
“What would I do if I was not frightened?”
I think many of us would be shocked by the answer.
Ask yourself.

You can comment on these postings by logging into the website. I know the first time I asked myself this question I was shocked by the speed with which I could answer and give a whole list of things I would rather be doing.