India again


I am back in India. I arrived yesterday and slept well. I brought a sage stick with me and thoroughly saged my room and then slept really well. Occasionally I opened my eyes to see if anyone was floating around the place but there was nothing.

I met a delightful man on the plane. We were sitting next to each other. We talked very little as I went straight to sleep, but in the morning the ice was broken and chatting started.

He was older and had such a calm and cantered feeling about him. We started talking about business and stress. I talked about not having felt that horrible sensation for all the time on holiday and how much I hated it now that I am back at work and three times this week I have felt the tightening inside that rises up into a sense of fr`ught anxiety. .

His response was that he decided a few years ago that he did not want that sensation anymore and an interesting discussion followed about self-perception, self-control, separation from old behaviours and putting things in perspective. It was so helpful because I really felt I was talking to someone who had done it. Who had made the choice to change and was talking from that place. I have thought about it a lot since last night.

I have also given much time in my mind to the young woman who is dying of cancer. I can see her face so clearly, lying on the sofa in the garden, lit by candle light. I have been trying to describe her radiance to myself and finally I recognised what it was, last night.

As a child I was very influenced by Salvador Dali. He painted wonderful images falling apart in perspective. Great illusions of depth, light, and space. There is a head of a smiling woman done in this way. A copy of the head of the Da Vinci Madonna on the Rocks. This is what I saw the other night. Light radiating out as though the woman is dissolving into it, or out of it. It is so exquisite and clear, yet so hard to put into words. I wonder if she realises what she brings to people as she moves through the world in this way?