Sacred Moments


I have just been interview for Radio 4 about the 6 Billion Others project. The woman who interviewed me was insightful and thoughtful. It was good.

One question she entered into very profoundly was the purpose of the project. As it is not mine I can only suppose from seeing it and taking a part. My answer was that it helps us to become more and more aware of the Sacredness of Life and of each individual rather than bunching the world into countries, religions and problems. To be able to relate to an individual and empathise, to open up a part of ourselves that can relate to others and see their exquisiteness.

I have moments of this awareness all the time, but wonder how many of the rest of us are conscious, on a daily basis of how delightful it is to be alive, especially when refusing to be hounded by politics, terror, fear, the press and our sense of lack.

Today it was easy. Crispy cold sun on frozen leaves, white grass, chilly breath and laughing children.

When it is cold, wet and dark and we feel alone and isolated it is not so easy to connect to our higher, better selves.

I do not feel that the world encourages the human and the angel in each of us. We are constantly seeing and hearing the beast, particularly on TV, radio, youtube, the papers, magazines and all the media that flashes past us on busses, hoardings and shop fronts.

We need more sacred moments.