Day 4 and all is well.


Day 4 and all is well.

That reminds me of the Robin Hood cartoon, the vulture going round the battlements calling out the time and then he gets hit over the head.

We are on schedule, a punishing schedule, and it is going well. The artists are all totally delightful and my experience of making yoga DVDs has been transformed by having my assistant with me, helping with the filming. She is doing continuity, and it makes such a difference, it is staggering. So all is going well and I hope it stays that way.

This is that dark, quiet moment before the storm. All is silent, still, waiting and a little stuffy.

I have been a little nervous in the build up, but not too bad. Now we are filming I feel confident that it is the right decision to go with such weighty titles. They are doing what they need to do. It will be good.

Yes, you could read this and say, arrogant. You could. If I don’t believe in the product, what point is there in going forward? So, I believe. And it will do well.

Louis goes back to school today, and I can look at him and see that he has changed so much. He has grown up. He is turning into a young man, no longer the little boy. It is a strangely disturbing feeling. No longer the baby, and somehow almost out of reach in a way. His own person. His own likes and dislikes. It has been a rapid transformation.