Remember to breathe deeply


When I first went for sober living I longed to have a tattoo on my hand that said Breathe. Just a small thing that would remind me to do just that: consciously breathe into the moment.

I did not go for it as with time I did remember, little by little, that each time I took a really deep, conscious breath I was present, and in the present moment, all is fine, perfect and very dandy. It is the forward projections that trip us up. When the mind is let to run rampant through the dark and dangerous forests of our deepest fears we have no way to get perspective and distance without coming very clearly and deeply into our body.

If you are present to your physical reality you cannot think. If you can feel the blood coursing through you, the vibrant electrical energy of this human experience then the mind is ground to a screeching halt. But be aware that the mind is a tricky and wily beast. As soon as you start thinking that you have beaten it, you have in fact just fallen back into its’ arms again.

So when you find your mind is being unkind just take several long, slow breaths and ask yourself if how you are thinking is helpful right now. Chances are it is trauma based and really useless. Breathe out the negative and fearful thoughts and realise that right here and now it is all do-able.

The real art is remembering. Bringing your self back into your body. It is exactly what the word means: re-member.