The joys of selling


I was finally on QVC today. It has been nearly a year since the wheel started turning to get to this point and finally it was me!
I wondered whether it was 30 minutes or an hour as I had not been told much, but when I got there, all dressed and made up I was told it was an 8 minute slot. Ah.
It went well. Fast, but well. well enough that they have already booked me again for next week. Oh joy, again, but my head wonders of that was because I was so great or they want to finish with me asap. Oh, the joys of being a grown up.

It was fun, though. The presenter who I worked with was great. So positive and supportive. A fantastic woman. I came back to the shop feeling very ungrounded. I am not really sure that I have my feet in the soil yet, but a few deep breaths did help.

It was not really nerves, bacause I was not nervous, but more the nervous energy. As the time came closer a voice in my ear was talking to me saying one minute to go, etc, and then during the performance selling, the same voice was saying 5 minutes left, three minutes left and so on. By the last minute there is a strange sense of disorientation. Did I just do that? Did I do enough? I could immediatly see how many I had sold and oh boy, if I could do that on a daily basis I would be smiling quite happily.

So I get another crack at it next thursday. My next 8 minutes of fame. We shall see.

In the meantime, all I want to do is sleep.