Too many late nights


My work schedule combined with lots of yoga and late nights is starting to wear me down just a little. I seem to have no time at all to myself and I miss it. I also miss seeing the kids, spending time at home etc, but juggling all that needs doing with the work hours here is proving challenging. I am really looking forward to Monday. In my dreams I just lie still on the floor at home and everything is done for me, but I know that is not an option. I will settle for some time without computers, the phone calls all day and managing others.

I got the wrong day for QVC. It is next wednesday, at 5pm. I will attempt to deal with the whole thing better this time. I was surprised how much it affected me afterwards, even though it was good on air. I was stressed all afternoon. Something I don’t enjoy and really try to avoid as a feeling. The day was quiet, not many customers, and partly I felt as though my energy had made it so. Big ego, I know, but I do feel as though I carry the whole thing, and the more open and positive I am, the better it goes.

We went to a gallery opening of a friend last night. Victoria Achache. Great paintings with red dots beside every one of them! What a feat, in Cork Street, too. It was fun and the dinner afterwards was filled with interesting people, hence my frail state this morning. I must confess to eating cooked beetroot and wonderful cheese, but I did not eat any bread and I feel fine with all that.

The raw thing is good. Time is needed to make the most of and I find that in the mornings, especially today, when I slept in till 7am, it is hard to take the time to make something to take to work. We had a great cuddle in bed, though, the children and me. It makes up for any lack anywhere.