Days go by so fast now


I took my son to see We Will Rock You the other night. He is 8, and loves Queen. It is amazing how it transcends all ages, their music and their energy. We had to park far away and walk all the way up Charing Cross Road at high speed as the Christmas traffic was awful. He was great. No fear, he kept p with my pace, holding my hand all the way, looking at everything we passed. When we finally sat in our seats he struck up a conversation with two Northern women next to him. The show started late, and as the curtain went up and the lights went down, for some reason I turned around and saw Brian May walking in. The guitarist.
I was very excited. At the interval I took Louis to the hospitality room and asked a large bouncer if he would say I was outside. I had to be rather insistent, but eventually he went in and came out beaming. We were ushered in and offered Crystal Champagne and sweets. We declined. Brian was as charming as ever, Louis had huge eyes and we left autographed and happy. It was a perfect treat.
The show was unexpectedly great. The energy was wild, but the sadness of Freddie dying was still really palpable.

I get very upset about HIV and AIDS. A friend is really suffering at the moment and it seems such a cruel way to live. And then thoughts about all the people who have died and who could still be alive if they had had medication. Seeing images of Africa and the HIV and AIDS scourge, I find really awful. I can be in tears when I think about it, but it is such a helpless feeling. I get so upset about the drug companies and the money at stake, about the medication that could be given to save millions of lives, and nothing is done because no one will pay for it.
Any negative feelings I may have ever haboured about Bill Gates were dissolved immediately when he made the foundation and gave all the money for research. It was like a sigh of relief.

I am increasingly aware of how we always need a baddie. Someone always has to be the scapegoat. Yesterday, a conversation about Googe. How awful they are, then went onto how awful Amazon are, the Blair, then Bush. It was interesting to see that there are always certain people who attract the energy of being baddies, no matter what they do. Google and China. An interesting dilemma. Blair in Bhagdad. Terrifying, I would imagine. No matter how many big chests stood around. A conversation recently with someone who shall remain nameless, about AIDS in Africa who thought it was the women’s fault for saying yes to so much sex. An interesting ppooint of view, and Oh, so eay to get right out of my pram about, and also Oh, so easy to make them the baddie, considering my feelings on the topic.

Serious stuff.

On a lighter note, the shop is doing well. We are edging closer and closer to signing the lease on the new one. My life is about to alter drastically. Chrismas is coming and thoughts of what to eat on the day have not yet entered my head. I can just see a 4am trip to Sainsbury’s looming. How awful. There, another baddie.