Virgin, Vipassana, Ikea


Prosperity meditations are great. I was moved to Upper Class on the way back from India. It was such fun. Sitting in my seat, waiting to see if it would happen. I knew they were full. Absolutely no seats, and a man told me I was in his seat. Hurrah! Off they went to see who was more faithful tot the airline and it was me. Oh Joy.
I have not travelled first class for years. Now that they have beds and all it is so totally surreal. Just wild. All of us lined up sideways like little peas in pods. It was calm, delightful and charming. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I was determined not to miss a moment of it, so refused all thoughts of sleep. Thank you Virgin Airlines.

Now we are building up to the shop opening. We plan to have the doors swinging on their hinges from a week on Tuesday. I vacillate between feeling great about it all and not. Feeling great about it all. I mean. It comes and goes. One day up, the next day arghhhh. It seems that no one walks down the street at the moment. I think it is just a plot to make me nervous. When I am not there they flood in. We shall see.

Part of the getting ready thing was a trip to IKEA today. Interestingly challenging to be positive about the experience. Perhaps I will leave my comments at that. Anyway, several hours later we walked out with a few essentials. Not as much as I would have liked to have found at that price, but hey.

I am still emerging from the joys of jetlag. Only a few more days to go. It always seems to take a week. Those awful moments of lull. When the whole act of movement is just too much and I want to be left alone forever. Happily it passes, like everything else. Talking of which, I watched a great film I India. I was lent it.
Doing Time, Doing Vipassana. Golly gee it was good. It has affected my practice. I want to go on a Vipassana course. Not yet, but one day it will be the thing I do. How exciting. Another thing to look forward to.