The full moon


There is a piece today in the Independent about the moon. Interesting facts, some of them. But the conversation that followed was far more revealing.

I am not an astrologer. It flies way over my head, all that, but the last moon proved really tricky for a few of us. It seems that the last moon was Sagittarius in Pluto. Which means that it was really tricky for many of us. And what emerged further on in the dialogue was that men get tricky around the full moon. Interesting. Not only one to watch, but why have we not noticed before? The plot thickens. Is it because we are so busy finding our way through our own personal response to the moon that we have never noticed? I wonder.

Apparently they would all go hunting during the full moon so perhaps we are all still so tied into some ancient part of ourselves that we have not noticed they are not out…. I will be looking with greater attention from now on. There is definitely something affecting the male of the species.

Personally I thought it was the Primark mission to make all women look like slags from Hell, but that may not be it. Now that Summer is here, all self respect has been thrown out of the window. As long as all knicker lines, bra lines, rolls of fat and cellulite are showing it is in fashion.

Oh God. I am getting old.