Women dressed as builders


This whole Primark thing has produced a lot of comment, interestingly.
I was talking about it with my husband the other day. It is interesting to see how many woman walk around like cows, with their breasts on full display, all the male heads and eyes following as they pass. I commented on a woman in Balham and wanted to know if it was attractive or merely magnetic.

The response was interesting: He said it was magnetic but women had been showing their breasts for centuries. True. But the difference now, and what took away the beauty and erotic nature of the display was the belly and the hips flowing over the top of the trousers. He commented that more and more women were looking like builders.

I thought it was a very true critique of the current state of the women’s look. Not all, absolutely not, but look on any high street, through the supermarket aisles, in the car parks and shopping malls and it is a national emergency. Bosoms, bellies, thighs, hips. No self respect, no shame.

Hey, why should there be? Why not let it all be on display? It is a good question and one that needs to be asked. Why should the fuller figure be hidden?

I am not saying that it should be hidden, but there are ways of being and dressing, but something has come over the consciousness that has totally changed how most women between the ages of 15 and 45 seem to feel they can look.

They can, they can, I am not saying don’t. But where has it come from? Primark, M& S, Kate Moss, Big Brother, Grahem Norton; I don’t think it is any one thing, but the combination is reverberating, literally, through the women of the nation. Pair it with rows of men with shaved heads and there is a lot not to be desired….