Positive words and thoughts


There is so much negative news, media, comment and polemic at the moment and it is easy to see the future as being a very dark place, but I feel that this is giving too much power to people that have a vested interest in keeping us all scared.

Spring is coming, life is an amazing and incredible gift, and if we spend all our time wishing it were different then we trash every moment that we have on this glorious planet.

How we feel about ourselves, the beliefs we have about who we are, good or bad, is visible to everyone that we come into contact with. For most people it is a totally subconscious awareness that they have; the message is read but the effect is subliminal. There no real awareness of the import, but it does colour how they react to us. For others, we are crystal clear and give away a lot about ourselves the instant we walk into the room. This can be good, if we feel good, but it can be very destructive if our self esteem and belief system is based on skewed thinking.

For instance: If you think you are bad with money, you will be. If you think you are useless, you will be. If you are determined that the world owes you, it will. Take a moment and examine or watch your thoughts about yourself and your reality. Are they empowered, positive, life affirming and empowering thoughts? Or are they destructive, limiting and self-defeating? In this time it is very easy to be weighed down by the mind and find yourself spiralling into a very dark place indeed.

There is a way up. It is simple and effective. Each time you tell yourself something negative like I am bad with money or there is not enough, I cannot do anything right, I am fat, I hate my … etc, cut in as quickly as possible with soothing words. Stop the negative spiral by taking control as an adult and bring reassurance, stability and praise. It is amazing how quickly this changes the patterns.

Another effective tool is to use affirmations. These are different to mantras, but can become a mantra by repetition. I am enough, the universe supports me, I have enough, life is good, I love my work, and so on. These sentences, compiled as a list and read in the morning can make a huge difference to your daily outlook on life. I have a long list that I read each day and it really does make a difference. I also refuse to get out of bed until I have thought of at least 10 things that I am really grateful for.

I know I may be preaching to the converted, but as they always say: Teach what you most need to know.