The last day.


The last day

This is the last day of the mind Body Spirit Festival and it has been a really interesting experience. Apart from a few nutcases, everyone has been delightful and charming, my assistants have been great and the selling experience has left me feeling far more positive than I have felt in months.

It is really so clearly about being in the right place and choosing what you want to promote and sticking to it.

I feel also that the attitude you bring to the place makes a huge difference as well. I suppose I still think there is a magic formula that everyone but me knows, although I am no longer so convinced. I walked around the show yesterday with an eye as to how others were selling their products and could clearly see that they were not doing anything different to me.

It is now may and I know I have to have my thoughts on Christmas. I don’t really have a mountain of new products, in fact I almost have none, but the new altar frames. So my new learning curve tells me to promote those. I just need to find a creative person for the artwork and Voila!

On top of everything else I realise that I will have to go back to India soon. Especially to be ready for the Christmas build up. I am going to be in a shop for two weeks in November which will transform my life hugely…….

I just wish that selling well was not such a marathon of time wasting until one actually got it. I wish I could go back to all the shows where I di not make the most of my space and do it again. Not regrets, please not regrets, but I will be booking bigger spaces from now on and carefully choosing where we sell.