Poker, Racing Demon and other joyous pastimes


It is good, Christmas in Kent. Very good. A pleasure to all be together and so relaxed. We have had great games, funny times and fabulous conversations. I know it is not over, but it is good.

Otherwise I am so happy to be out of the Christmas rush. Sitting playing cards, walking with lovely nieces and children, laughing and talking is such a great break from the relentlessness of the last few weeks of retail.

I do not think that owning a shop helps my experience of Christmas. I know that is awful of me, but I have never liked this period of time, and much less so now. But I have booked my ticket to India to sort out all that is missing for the summer collection and am already planning my Valentine’s window. So I think I could be said to have moved on into the next season.

I wish my holiday was longer, but I could not persuade anyone to do the next few days. So It is over to me. Endless layers of taking responsibility for myself, my life, my business. Why on earth should any one else do it? I know, I know. But it does not mean that I want to be such a grown up all the time.

I crave a day in bed. Almost completely stationary, not moving, just lying totally still and silent. Then three great films, one after the other. I would like to be served my favourite thing: good tomato and watercress salad with lemon, oil and black pepper and salt,, sparkling water and then lapsang tea. No questions, no decisions, then a long, hot bath. That would be my idea of a perfect day. I am sure if my husband or children were to read this they would be horrified that perfection did not include them, but it is not out of any lack of love. It is just what I would like in my wildest dreams after the stress of the past few months. I wonder if one day would do it…..