Please let there be a good leader


I sneaked a look at the front page of the paper today and it was fabulous, totally fabulous.
The UN has spoken out against Britain’s Celebrity Cocaine Culture.

Well that will have them flocking to rehab, I bet. How great. Can you imagine, Amy, Kate, and all the rest of the medias’ babes all feeling really bad about their reputations now that the UN has spoken out. “Let’s all clean up our acts, let’s all behave….” I would really love to know what is the intended result of this comment? I am not sure it will stop anything, unless it was to please the Taliban and the Moral Majority in the States. Perhaps that is it. I have tripped upon the reason.

Naughty, I know, but it has to be said. I wish I could see the comments and leaders about it all, but I am in Kent until tomorrow night photographing all the Summer clothes in the cold, bright sunshine. Madly running around trying to find places to shoot where it does not look scorched and wintry. The spring is slow to come here, the daffs are barely out, but we are doing well. The model is great. Pretty, witty and fun, the make up artist is excellent, the stylist has a great eye, my lovely daughter is one of the models, and my assistant is imaginative. What more could I ask?