Picking Up


School has started again and we have all shifted into that other energy that needs a rapid early start and a short evening. But over the Christmas holidays we all really got into playing games at night and it is a great success. The Science Museum has fabulous presents for children. Everything I bought from there has been a riotous delight. Except the ant zoo. Where are all the ants? Do they hibernate? I have no idea.

My daughter has decided she is a rock chic and wants the Supremes as her backing band. I have no idea where all this comes from, but I thought ballet might be a good start. A joyous plan resulting in lots of pink things littered everywhere and many attempts at getting plies right. (I cannot find the grave accent).

I thought that a ballet DVD would help but for her age they are all deeply dippy and too awful so I bought the New York City Ballet Workout. Disks One and Two.

She was to be found, last night before supper, fully kitted out, lying on the floor doing the workout. It was too fab. I sat transfixed. Later she announced that Disk One was done and she will do Disk Two tomorrow. Oh, OK.

I am getting ready for the real New Year thing to start happening now. Workshops, Shows, White Tantric Yoga, the Sale, India. The new year started slowly and gently and very positively, but now it is speeding up, gearing up to the usual high speed version of my life.