Teaching photography


I am teaching a photography course. Just a quiet affair. A few lights and a camera. A bit of daylight here and there.

It is really interesting, even though it is quiet and low key. I am facinated by what I say. It is so surprising. I have taught the odd two hours here and there, but never longer, and I am teaching a man. Why would that be interesting? Because I have spent most of my life in the fashion and advertising world making women look like men’s fantasies. And now as a photographer I have spent the last 10 years finding out what I like and how to get people to project themselves, their iinner selves, into the camera. So to teach a man is quite a thing.

It is going well. As my husband pointed out last night it is lucky I am loquacious. I agree. It would be long days with no talking! But it is going well. I listen to myself teaching and am amazed to hear some of the things I can say and discuss. it is so funny. It is like I am teaching my self. I must do it more often. I will probably be amazed at what I find out. But then they do say that if you want to learn a thing you must teach it. I certainly became a better body painter after I started teaching.

Rollo n day two.