Philosophy and Religion


We were chatting in the car at 6.30 yesterday morning, several enthusiastic yogis and I, about philosophy and religion. In the dark, literally not figuratively, driving down a long dark lane past the Priory where several people I know, who were incarcerated there, have died by suicide.

Coming swiftly back to Religious Wars.

Talking, in the dark, on the way to a day of meditation, where we are all in white, 300 of us, most wearing turbans, most men with beards, it is easy to feel a little bit on the extreme side. I have to confess, it is.

What is my point? I wonder, myself. I have been questioning how much one dis-empowers one self into the arms of anther, and it seems to be the Human Condition. The mainstay of most of the news and our experience of politics, Religion and Philosophy are big topics. Bring in the Pope, Mother Theresa and Princess Diana, Rich People and China and that is it, really. The News. Oh, and I forgot Bird Flu and Global Warming.
Sex, Death and Money figure quite largely, too.
Allah, how could I forget Allah?

How does one stand steadfast, strong, centered and perfect, (because ultimately that is all we want)? How does one not get distracted by fear, anger, insecurity, low self esteem, the desire to escape, fear of responsibility, dislike of the emotional experiences, longing for elevation and becoming a conspiracy theorist….? Golly gee it is an endless list.

The need to be amused, distracted and taken out of ourselves seems to be the driving force right now. Mobile phones, ipods, pornography, drink, violent films are all very successful and the makers, pedlars and designer of these things are the Gods. Money is the key, for without money, you cannot touch, so there is huge pressure to do, take and make. It all gets tighter and tighter every day. The new MAC computer, the latest ipod, the iphone, the new perversion, a mind-blowing cocktail (a diamond ring in a gold filled drink for £35,000.), all going higher, further, faster, more shocking, more painful, more perverted.

Where is the point of No Reaction?