Phew, big time


We so, so nearly made an offer on a yoga studio, caf?© and treatment rooms in the street here. But we were saved. In a rare moment of adulthood I let my accountant persuade us to do a proper business plan. Oh, my. A phew, big time. It was hysterically appalling to see the figures written down on paper.

Since deciding No, which started the day before yesterday, and christallysed last night into a definite no, the layers of stress have been peeling away. I wake in the night and realise I feel better. I wake in the morning and feel refreshed. Scary to realise that all the awful feelings of recently were just stress. I have a new respect for the word.

To change the subject completely, we are off to France tomorrow to be full-time Yogis at the European Yoga Festival. 1500 of us all on our spiritual path. There will be some pushing and shoving, I am sure. But hopefully we will all return with our halos sparkling. At least that is always the intention….But I know it will be stressful, too. It always is. Loosing site of the children, running a shop in Euros, where it all seems so much more money, camping with ranks of wasps who have all been waiting to sting us all, endlessly looking for ticks in the private bits, but like childbirth, I keep on going back there. I assume I will be off air for at least 10 days, but I may try to keep