My new existence is still not feeling settled. It is funny how long it takes to accept change. For me, it seems that some things really take time, but I need to remember that this is an enormous leap from working from home to starting a retail empire. Patience, patience.

The thing I struggle with the most is how little time I get to myself and how easily I can feel like a bad mother. Funny, that whole world of bad motherhood. I am a great mother, but it needs time, quality time to be one. All the quality time that I give eats away at the time I could be doing the huge backlog of stuff that is packing itself up behind me. Ergo I feel stressed.

So I get stressed. I do. I don’t mean to. I want to be Beyond Stressed and into some divine and permanent Neutral Space. I got there this morning, for a moment and foound I did not want to move any part of my body, so I am not sure how totally useful it will be as a constant, but none the less, I really do not enjoy the feelings I have met today, what with the bank, Visa fraud department, my assistant binning all the photographs of the shop I had taken and minute amounts of time…..

What a horrid and mean weblog! But it has to go somewhere.

On another note, I found myself wondering what the numbers were of animals killed for eating on a daily basis in the UK.
I won’t go any further than that. I feel there is no need.