Other peoples weblog


I am getting inspired, overwhelmed and a little jealous. I have been looking at other weblogs. I found one with music, pictures, all sorts of exciting things on it, and I want to be such a techno bunnie. Patience, patience, I keep telling myself. I had a truly exciting day yesterday when I got two adwords up on google. Oh wow! it was fun. Such a tiny little thing, but so much research, so many phone calls, emails, questions. You would think I was asking for a diamond ring, but no, it is a tiny tiny little box on the side of a google page that allows people to find me and my business. You get a wonderful page that shows how many hits, impressions and clicks there have been. I was like a child last night. I kept refreshing the page, watching the numbers rising, feeling so thrilled. I am a little more grown up this morning and have only checked once, but suddenly remember that it is running in Australia, too. Oh, I must check.
I have asked the man who was helping me to make another 4 ads, for other products and things. I will have to get some discipline, or it is going to get exhausting!

I want to get better at web stuff. We are changing the Devotion site and I need to learn Dreamweaver. I found courses on dates I cannot do, and can get one-to-one tuition for £350 a day. But all I want is to be able to change text and update stuff. I lack the genetic ability to read instructions. I have been reliably informed that this is a distinctly female trait, but I am not convinced. A very busy man has told me he will teach me, so I await him having time. I will keep wanting to learn in the meantime.

I remember when I took the first faltering steps on the spiritual path, I wanted to meditate so badly it made me want to scream. It was so funny, the desperation that was in such contrast to the act, and now I meditate every day, have done so for a long time, and I want to be a techno bunnie, so I know with absolute certainly that it will come. One day I will have my ears and fluffy tail and be up there with the boys.

Why is it such a male thing? The internet is a boy thing. I think it is the focus needed to get on with it. Not being interested in making a clean space, nice food, just looking at the screen until your brain is fit to burst. I have a new photographic assistant who can do just that. Sit all day, all day, all day, and work on photos. Hours and hours. Meanwhile I do all manner of other things, little here, a bit there, a lot in this part, not much over there, and suddenly the day is gone and things are done, but in a different way. Daniel, the assistant, put a circular blur on one of my photos. It looked how I feel. Perhaps life would be simpler if I got him to take off the circular blur. That’s a little like trying to find the off switch on the children. Fun looking, they get so involved, but ultimately fruitless.