Opinions and beliefs


We all have lots of them. Not only do I know I do, but endlessly, one encounters those of others.

Following teachings, religions, systems, education, politics… what else? The list is long. Every moment is coloured by opinions and beliefs.

How we think about ourselves, what we think about others, what we long for, need and desire. How the world sees us, responds to us. What we teach our children and what we expect others to teach them. How we think we should be dealt with and be able to move through life.

All of these, and I am sure, many more, are our opinions and beliefs.

What if all of that disappeared? Would that be NOW? The NOW of Eckhart Tolle, Andrew Cohen and Sri Aurobindo? Or would it be chaos? A kind of uncontrollable madness where we just stood still, mouths open, like rabbits with myxamatosis caught in the headlights, unable to move? I think this is what would happen. Either that, or a state of delight and innocence would overtake us all and we would examine every moment with awe and wonder, captivated by the possibilities that total open mindedness brought to each moment. But of course, we would be unable to make any choices because there would be no judgement or opinion. SO we would end up like the rabbits.

Arghh! Round in circles.

Sometimes I wish I could see and feel and experience things without all the history, the fear, the pain and the insecurity. Or perhaps I could have a private highlighter. A magic marker that only I could see, that would highlight where my thinking is lacking in openness and innocence. What would that change?

It is something I have longed for for years, that ability to be totally present with no pain of the past or fear of the future colouring my experience of now. 16 years later I still long for this place. I wonder if it exists, or am I just not eligible for membership? Is anyone there? If they are, would they let me know how it is and how to get a ticket please?