One after the other.


Profound meetings one after the other at the moment. The longing with in myself to change stress into vitality, to become more present, has opened a door into realms of experience that begin to feel like a twilight zone.

First the beautiful, radiant, dying woman who is nailed into my thoughts like a sharp needle. I do Ra Ma Da Sa almost constantly, but who am I to attempt to change the needs and desires of the divine? Does that existence need to be lengthened, imagining that I had even the faintest possibility to do so? Does she need any more acceptance and healing into her processes? I think not, so I turn the mantra whilst questioning why I turn it. Questions without answers late into the night.

Then the very peaceful and still man on the plane who told me all that I need to know about letting go of my desire to be stressed. I think about him in the spaces and wait to see how I will respond next time the tightness and the turning starts inside myself.

And to yesterday. Sitting in the office of a friend, I was introduced to man who was so alive, vibrant and huge in his utter commitment to here and now it was quite startling. He was funny, spiritual, intelligent, generous, kind and like no one I have met before.

His personal philosophies came out in the length of the meeting and I came away longing to be able to be so dynamically present to all that is around me, to be so open and willing to experience all that comes my way. It was a wonderful experience.

So I have much to think about.