On staying positive


This is it. This is the current reality and it is easy to rail against it, to want it to be different, other. Some of us may still be having a glorious time whilst others are entering periods of intense upheaval and change.

There is a school of thought that says you create the illusion of your reality. This means that you are fully responsible for your life experiences as they unfold upon you because of how you think. Stephen Levine wrote “Hell is your resistance”. A statement that had a profound effect upon me for at least two years after reading it. If both these ideas are true then we can profoundly alter our current realities. Even the good can me made better, and the unpleasant or unwanted can be turned around. I think a mass effort at seeing things in a different light is what is needed now. My newsletter does not reach far, I know, but a change in thought and attitude can be passed on; I am passing on what I have read and been touched by. Please feel free to do the same.
And when it all gets too much to bear, remember to breathe. Nothing more. Just a few long deep breaths to ground you into now. Because now, everything is bearable and fine and from here, mountains can be moved. it is the uncontrolled, spiralling thinking that causes so much much fear and insecurity. When you find your thoughts are whirling above you, breathe long and deep into the base of your lungs, feel your body, the coolness of the air inside you and exert some measure over your mind.
It does make a huge difference.