Olympian Moments


I have just returned from 3 days at Olympia. The One Life Live Show.

It was good, focussed and deeply Olympian. Water was £2.80 a bottle, the sandwiches were officially dead and the air was old.

But we smiled throughout it all, situated between the Sahaja Yogis and the Ki Energy healers.

This week is photos all week. One day set up, two days shooting then several days of resizing and uploading all the images. I am looking forward to taking pictures again. It has been too long. I love taking photographs.

Otherwise, the News Blackout is a triumphant success. I feel calmer, more peaceful and less stressed. The odd moments of someone else’s reality that have slipped through the net have seemed too wild and ended up sounding amusing and silly. I suppose that is what comes with the difference. Several friends have now joined me on this trip of letting go and it is great to hear that they, too, feel so much better.

I have officially peaked tonight. My feet hurt, my smile hurts and I need to be horizontal.