Oh, God, I wish it was easy


I do, I do. Today, especially, I wish it could be simple, sweet, world peace.

But hey, a loaf of bread in Zimbabwe costs 6 billion dollars, so what do I have to worry about? But then again, life is not like that, is it? If we all endlessly compared our woes to those around us it would end up as a competitive spiral into hell.

If I was “good”, and went to lots of 12 step meetings I would be told that my problems are high class. Sweet, and profoundly irritating, and I have been accused of complaining, but some days are hard and today gets a rosette.

Interestingly it is not only my head that makes it hard, the realities of others, where they meet mine, are also very challenging and the day has been an endless succession of deep breaths, tears, frustration and lost dreams.

But as usual, most of it cannot be expanded upon in weblog and I will digress wildly into the realms of body image and corsetry. A nice distraction.

I am noticing the demise of the waist. All around me, not only literally but in reality, too, there is no waist to be seen. The low slung look that swept the country, the world even, for the last few years has finally borne fruit and that fruit seems to be large, unrestrained waists and bellies that enter first into every situation. A quick glance along Hildreth Street reveals swollen hips leaning dangerously over low-slung waistbands and bellies leaning woefully over belts. I was reminded yesterday that they are called muffin tops. That and bum antlers, the waist is well on it’s way out.

I have lost my own grasp on my waist, post natally, but now want it back, big time. Of course, less is more, but I mean smaller but with lots of energy.

So I have been looking at websites where I can find the means to achieve this longing. They make for interesting trawling. There are all manner of wild and whacky pieces of underwear out here, most made for those who do possess the mythical ideal of a figure as propounded by Vague and the likes, but for those of us who desire restraining, the choice diminishes somewhat. I love the idea of real corsetry, but I am challenged by the idea of actually working in one, so I am looking at any thing else and the journey has been fun.

I am currently trying a waist cincher. It looks and feels fabulous. It is so great that I want more. I am even thinking of selling them. A waist cincher with high heels is pretty fab, too, and so much kinder than the visual effects of motherhood upon my person.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my children, and I mourn my waist. So it is a work in progress. I am determined to diminish it by 3-4 inches. I will let you know how I do . But if you, too, long for a cinch, look at simplyyou.co.uk. The amazing thing about the site is that they give you credit. Send the items and you pay for what you keep.