Boxes and steroetypes


We have now got 43 boxes of clothes that need to be prices, ticked, counted….. Wow. The newly met joys of my career choices.

I was interviewed on the radio last night by the most fabulous woman. It was interesting to be in the presence of someone who listens, holds the space, multi tasks, has humour, charm and compassion and laughs out loud. I really enjoyed the encounter.
From there I returned to a dinner party where there had been a man who I have known from a distance for many years but never really even had a real conversation with, who had taken one look at me and made a long stream of descisions about me and then based his whole manner and responses towards me on his assumptions. All of them appeared to be negative because his sole purpose was to put me down from his great height.

It is not personal. How can it be? He knows nothing about me, but it was such a transparent image of the filters that we all wear and view our lives through. He had measured me against previous life experiences, we all do, but he had not grown out of his and could not see me for who I am. Trithfully I was being open and interested in what he needed to say, but after three nasty quips from him I turned my gaze elsewhere.

Am I so less than perfect myself. As I wrote the sentence above, my eye was caught by two nuns walking past wearing the full regalia. I can feel the armouring taking place in a flash. There is a long list of assumptions that I make about them, knowing nothing at all about either one, but based entirely on experiences of 35 years ago. Interesting. The never ending peeling off of comfort zones.