Playing with the light


Today was a challenging morning. Nothing happened to make it so on the outside, just the journeys through my interiors; the Lost Territories, the Empty Quarter, the Deserts of Fear and the Jungle of Insecurities.

As I lay awake in the night, listening to the rain pounding on the window in the bedroom ceiling, I found myself going places where I should not be allowed alone.

But I was brave and fearless and made it out the other side. There is a moment in Neverwhere, a novel by Neil Gaiman, where they go over a bridge of fears. Some make it, some don’t. Last night I made it, but waking up to such awful weather just dragged the heavy feelings into today.

Until the sun came out on the playground and for a few minutes it was totally exquisite. Black clouds, green parrots, the sun and the glistening grass with the autumn tress all around. In that moment all lifted. But why? Why does it make a difference?

As I drove away the sky was lava grey and turning a corner I was confronted by a huge double rainbow. It was so close, so perfect and such an epiphany. It pulled my heart in the same way that travelling through rural India can. Seeing things that are truly elemental and outside of our control.

This brings me neatly to Health and Safety. Such fun. What are they going to do about stairs? I am longing to know if stairs will be banned. Or War. What happens to Health & Safety when we are confronted with the destruction of all that we hold dear by those that make the rules? I am intrigued.

I know, I try not to be inflammatory, but really, they go too far now. No one that works here can move a box, change a bulb or even open the shop without having first read all these papers and sign that they have read them. Their signature then expunges me of any responsibility for their mistakes. Is that really fair. Should they not get me to sign saying that I accept to employ them despite their humanity?

Do I really try not to be inflammatory? I am not so sure.

But I am having a rather wild time on facebook. My new thing. I know, it has been around for a while, but it is fascinating. The people who are there! The connections! The people that one knows but do not want to contact, too! That part is fun. I always have wanted to see ex’s through a two way mirror. And the mwa mwa of it all. It is a cyber cocktail party without the drinks.