Sitting in a shop


Sitting in a shop has been an interesting experience. I have to avoid jumping to conclusions as it has only been for one day so far, but I am very aware of a real difference in how people approach the whole shopping thing if they are calm and relaxed and have not the pressure of 100 other stands waiting for them.
We did well yesterday, surprisingly so, and I am now preparing for the private view tonight. The joys of thinking of what to make at 6am, with no parsley.

Being positive is going surprisingly well, too. I was nervous at the begining, but making no negative comment is in fact rather nice. Everything seems lighter and more positive. I have had minor slips, but have been aware immediatly and apologised and carried on in a more positive vein. It is rather like giving up digging a road to hell.

It is so interesting to have an overview of all that we resist. Being vegetarian has been a pleasure for years, but I have always shied away from vegan, yet now I discover it is delightful. Being negative has always been, not exactly a pleasure, but easy. I am so much better than I was when I used, but now, to let go of all the one-up stuff is so relaxing. I had really felt intimidated by the idea before I stared, and I know I am only three days in, but it is changing a lot of the air around me. Do feel free to join in.

The hardest part of the year is almost over. I feel as though there is light at the end of the tunnel. I had booked far too many things for this period and have found myself feeling like a crazy person. Running from one event to the next, cooking, clearing, children, marriage all being jumbled in too. I need a holiday, but going on holiday with children is very similar to being at home. I will have to wait until they leave home. Then I suppose I will spend the rest of my life worrying about them. Such fun.

I hope that was not negative……