Hot, hot, hot


I am here and it is hot, hot, hot. India, I mean.
The flight was empty. Everyone stays away at this time of year, but I am safely installed in my usual hotel, but in a different room, which I have to say, I do not like. I have already organised to move tomorrow, but at 10 am I have my first trip to the factory for the wool and heavy linen clothing experience. It is just going to be such fun in this heat.

As I got off the plane it was like being slathered with stickyness. Heat everywhere. Earrings hot, bracelet hot, feet, arms, back of neck. Walking in a thick hot wind with such intensely bright light. I must say that I do love it. Why? I have minimum idea, but each time I get here it is a thrill and then some.

I have already tried the internet. Not a raging success, but if I get this posted I will retire happy. I read a rather indifferent book and finished the last page as I got here this afternoon. Tine to go and buy more Georgette Heyer. I have finally met someone else who appreciates them. Hurrah. Someone here must like them as all the book shops on MI road are laden with all manner of choice of titles.

I am also proud of myself because I have managed to be raw so far on this journey, apart from a small bowl of exquisite dhal at the Neemrana Fort for lunch on the way here. Totally delicious.

I will keep up the weblog whilst I am here. There is always so much to write about on these trips.