Medical tourism in a world unstitched


The mantra I Am continues to undo my world and its’ structures, nowhere more strongly that here. Moving through the Indian life, rich in filth, beauty, death and reality I find that I get a different perspective on I Am and the consequences of using it. Over the years I have used many mantras, all of them strong and potent, but nothing has torn away the veils of illusion quite so startlingly as this. Edifices crumble, not buildings, but the structures that we make around us for the mind to believe that it is fine and being fed. Here the world is unravelling in front of me. There is constant chaos. Not in the traffic or the form filling, but in the total, in your face, reality of the Wheel of Karma and the need for each one of us to fight our own Demons. I cannot change anyone except myself and as the limits are stripped away and things are seen for what they are, peace descends.
I am not “there”, I don’t want to be “there”, please let it be a long journey to “there”.
Yesterday I was with a friend, an Indian man and his family. They have a Guru who recently told them that I was not realised. I have not met this man, but he informed Vimlesh and told him to tell me that he could just touch my forhead and Bang!, I would be enlightened. I have repeatedly declined the offer and smiled without reaction at my friends attempts to tell me that my practice is wrong, his is the right way. Yesterday we were trying to talk about politics with his 13 year old son as translator. Vimlesh got started on Muslims and it was facinating to see the hatred and total unwavering hatred for them and their approach to life. I sat and mentally qustioned why he would feel like this if he was so clearly on a spritual path and did two hours of meditation and pranayama a day. I wanted to judge his practice and found it rather amusing how we all jostle for supremacy on our chosen routes to the Divine. And as I lay awake in the night, refusing to let the hotels’ spirit into my room, I was thinking how individually we always need a baddie. But it is not only as individuals; the world needs a baddie, or several of them, millions, even, and Muslims, in an orgy of blindness, have become that hideous thing that everyone can point to and feel superiority over.
I do business with a number of very devout Muslims who are currently deep in the throes of Ramadan. They cannot eat or drink anything after 4am until 6pm. They are great to deal with, erudite, amusing and clearer in their dealings than most of the other traders I work with here. Yet I, too, can comment and rail against them en-mass.
I am starting to see that the I Am is taking me out of reaction and into acceptance. Having struggled for years, in recovery, with acceptance, it is in being here, totally present to the imminent possibiltiy of illness, death and annihilation that I can just be. Trust me, it passes. I felt really ill yesterday and had to nail my mind to the here and now not to feel really scared as it wanted to run through the list of possible illnesses and their consequences upon my experiences.
Where does medical tourism fit in here? I bumped into a friend yesterday who had just come from a dentist. A very good dentist. Massive amounts of work on his teeth had cost 21 pounds. How delightful. I am off there tomorrow.