Moving briskly forward


We cannot stay still. We have to keep on moving. Although it has been a stressful and full on year we have to move into the New Year with optimism and a determination to find an empowered way forward.

Remember the words of John Lennon in imagine: Imagine there’s no heaven, no hell below us. Etc. The whole song is about opposites and how you, we, cannot have only the good parts. We have to have the disintegration to have regeneration. Without the pain we cannot know that we are experiencing pleasure. As it says in The Prophet by Kalil Gibran; Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.

All the angst, fear and stress that we are feeling now is just the falling away of old structures that we have used to shield each of us from ourselves. We are now tender little shoots feeling a new way up and out of the fires that surround us. Be a mountain goat finding the way or water swiftly moving around each and every obstacle; let go of being defeated by the times. There is no value in that at all.

We are approaching a New Year, we have just been through the Solstice, the new moon is today. All is changing, energies are being re-routed, numbers are all moving forward and we have to move with it all. Do something that makes you feel alive, positive and vibrant.

My suggestions for the New Year ahead are to do a heart opening meditation each night before sleep, be judicious with your proximity to any form of newspaper or news reading, take up a personal practice like yoga, running, Tai Chi or similar, recognise the other person is you and smile as much a possible.