Moonbaths notwithstanding


My mood is up. It is good. I feel positive, upbeat, confident and forward thinking. It will pass, I know, it always does, but it is interesting, in the face of the Global Meltdown that we are all meant to be bowing under, there is a spark of resilience.

I had a moment where I fleetingly considered becoming a victim of it all and caving into a prolonged bout of duvet diving. But what on earth is the point? If I cannot get the good parts now, how will I ever get them? So my mantra is Love the Hell. And I am. It is an empowered shift. Long may I stay shifted.

Rollo, the poodle with a fear of busses, and I ran this morning in the crispy dark at 5am. I just love it. I am sure it is contributing to my positive feelings. I either run with mantra constantly turning or do positive affirmations all the way. Today it was 45 minutes of absolute focus on the best and wow, it feels so empowered.

My moonbath with Isadora was great fun. She really is so into all things girlie. We slept well after and were happy that it is now passed, the equinox has happened and the moon is waning, and we can all move on.