I had a great night last night. Baptiste went to the theatre with Louis to see the monks. I can’t remember which monks but they were not Christian. They did Kung Fu and were incredible. Isadora and I stayed in. She was desperate to go to a restaurant, and on a Friday night, I was desperate not to, so I suggested a girls night in. This was greeted with a big smile.
We had a hot bath, followed by toenail and fingernail painting. We then had an apple each and sat, wrpapped up in a blanket and watched Cinderella. It was so great. I loved watching her face every now and then, just smiling at what was happening, and when it got scary she sat on my lap, and when it was exciting she told me what was about to happen. I loved every minute of it.

I recognise that the up and coming projects, one that is nameless, the other being the shop and shops, really suit my personality and the way I best function. I cannot see myself sitting in a shop day after day, but I can absolutely see myself getting really into the organisation, overseeing, designing and stocking of a shop and shops. I find the whole thing very exciting.
I was approached yesterday by someone wanting to do a DVD with me and I realised that I have done as much of that as I want to at the moment. By the middle of next year it will be an amazing body of work that will have it’s own life and hopefully form the basis of the business for the next few years. The overview of everything is exciting and hopeful, but also involves service and helping others, which I feel makes it worthwhile.