Try this


The mind is a monkey that longs to jump around at any opportunity. We think it is a marvellous thing, this monkey, and do nothing to control it’s games and naughtiness. We are so entranced by it’s behaviour, it’s cheek and gall, that we do not take even a moment to see the damage it is doing, just trail along behind it like rats following the Pied Piper.

The damage it does is rampant and uncontrolled thinking, negativity, judgements, fears, terror, comparisons, and diminishment or aggrandissment of the ego.

Some days can be total hell, others, a delightful stream of fantasy and objectification.

Try this. Find a short mantra: I Am.


Now repeat this for one minute without the mind taking you away to think, obsess, remember, fear or wander. See if you can actually hold the mantra I Am for just one minute.

I AM is the connection to the Soul. It is the way of making a separation from the mind into the sum of who you are. If you are new to the idea that you could distance yourself from the mind, then the art is in recognising that you are being led away from the mantra. See that you have gone and bring yourself back to the I Am. As soon as you can do this you have take a monumental step into the art of meditation: Being able to put the mind down. Just one minute. See if it is possible. If yes, then go for two, or even three. Once the mind is conquered, even if only for two or three minutes, the possibilities are endless, peace begins and the view is fabulous.