I am back and it is hectic


I get waves of exhaustion but I must confess I have a new addiction: Virgin Upper Class. Wow! What a difference it makes to the whole experience of flying. As my trip was so short, and I had so many airmiles I felt I deserved it. I am now hooked.

Life is good. Children are delicious, new au pair is good, if a trifle retiring, but it makes an interesting change from the out-all-night-in-hot-pants last one.

Today is the set up for the Mind Body Spirit SHow, 5 days at the Royal Horticultural Show, and tomorrow is the start of a month in Dulwich. I wish I was able to perform siddhic feats and manifest several of myself at the same time. But it is not to be. Besides, it would exhaust my husband. Must think of others. (Mental note made).

I had some new malas made in India recently. I was so looking forward to seeing them, they were going to be so pretty. What has arrived would happily sit on an elephant with no style. It is so depressing. I was so excited when the box finally came that I opened them the night I returned from India. Every time I woke in the night my mind went back them and I had to very firmly steer my thoughts away. I designed the summer clothes range instead, which I do not have to deal with until september, but malas for elephants are, as yet, unresolved. The next summer clothes look great.

Oh the joys of making in India. Not yet resolved. I am waiting with trepidation, the arrival of the skulls, the hands and lots of other delights. It all takes so long.