Days in Brighton


We are back from Brighton, after three days at the Mind Body Soul Exhibition. It was fun and very funny. Set on the racecourse, high above the town, the event was good. Most of all I enjoyed the highly amusing moments with people. But there were also fabulous moments outside under the wintry sun watching the clouds and the sea far away in the distance. I kept hearing horses thundering down the course towards me, the ghosts of horses. It felt as thought there has been a racecourse there for centuries. I have no idea of the history of the place but it was absolutely vibrant with the past.

There were some classic moments. I will try out and see if at least one translates to the internet: I was talking to a rather sensitive and somewhat lost man. He was wearing clothes that looked like his mother gave them to him, and telling me his life story and ambitions. (These shows are about these moments) I suggested that he may want a little more fire in his belly to see all his plans for world renovation through. He had a rather soft middle, which he patted and sighed saying that he had had half a bottle of bourbon the night before. I leapt forward a showed him a DVD for the addictive personality. “Oh, no, no, I ma not an addict, I was playing poker.”
I suggested, laughing, that perhaps after poker he had gone to a strip club and then out shopping.

He looked at me blankly.

The other moment was when a delightful exhibitor, who must remain nameless, was insisting that he was normal. I was laughing, again, and he asked why. I pointed out that he was wearing a dress.

The look was not quite so blank.

I am back to India today. I go for just a week before heading up to the lovely Manchester. I do love India, even with a Dengue fever outbreak. I know it is really hot and I will have to take clothes that cover well. I have had a huge success with men’s yoga clothes, and they need re-making. Doing clothes takes ages. All the backwards and forwards. All the trying on, fabrics, and the messing about. But I love it.

My dream is that when the children and Baptiste return to India in January they are so entranced that they want to move there. We then build a house from scratch or buy a lovely old haveli and run all our production ourselves. All we need is a Steiner School nearby and it is sorted.